Sliding Scale Policy and Description of Ticket Prices

The VJC has a unique way of selling tickets: a sliding scale that gives our listening audience a choice in ticket prices. We feel that good music should be available to all. That’s why we have kept our ticket prices at $20 since 2006, even though the average value per ticket is about $40.

Sliding Scale Ticket Prices

$40 Patron: Accommodates full cost of artist and related fees

$30 Supporter Subsidized: $10 off of VJC’s cost to produce concert

$20 Attendee Subsidized: $20 off of VJC’s cost to produce concert

$15 Student Subsidized: $35 off of VJC’s cost to produce concert

The Vermont Jazz Center aims to be as inclusive as possible and our subsidized ticket prices are a reflection of that. We began this policy in the 2014 concert season, realizing that our $2o ticket price no longer reflected the rising costs of concert production. We have been grateful to discover that many patrons choose to pay the higher ticket prices, helping to cover our true costs and to make it possible for others to attend. We also recognize that the many concertgoers who pay subsidized prices are contributing as well, at a level that feels right for them. No matter what you choose, we are grateful for your support and interest in live music, and look forward to seeing you at the next concert!