Auditions and Registration for VJC Summer Workshop



FIRST TIME APPLICANTS:  We ask all first time applicants to prepare a couple of sample recordings to make sure they will be both challenged by/ready for the rigorous nature of the program. Please review the steps below and create a couple of recordings to send to us.

Audition Recordings:

For all instrumentalists and vocalists:
1. What selections of repertoire to send:
Please provide us with two examples of your music. We would like to hear a demonstration of the breadth of your playing, therefore please include one up-tempo example and one ballad.

2. What type of accompaniment to use:
A fairly easy way to record an audition example is to have a “Play-along” CD or MP3 accompanying you in the background. If you have already recorded something with a live group, that’s terrific. Solo examples of piano and guitar are acceptable as well.

3. What types of files/links to send:
MP3s, Wave Files, cellphone recordings or videos, links to Soundcloud, YouTube, FaceBook, Bandcamp, etc.

4. Where to send the files:
Send recordings to BOTH Eugene Uman ( and Ginger Morawski

1. General: Feel free to include pre-existing material to make the audition process easier, even if it doesn’t match up precisely with our requests.
2. ALL instrumentalists: We need to hear at least one selection that includes you improvising.
3. Pianists, bassists and guitarists: We would like to hear a chorus of comping
4. Vocalists: There is no need to present improvisational singing in your audition recording.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, we will be glad to try and help.